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Each company is unique, having its own operations. Similarities do exist by industry, size etc., but each company has its own culture and its way of operating. Industry-specific “Best Practice” solutions are being offered as fitting all companies, but do they really perform well in this specific environment, do they suit our company’s peculiarities and do they understand the exceptions to exceptions in practice?


Companies use multiple systems: emails, calendars and excels by which the work is carried out in real-life, but these separate systems are rarely well-integrated to ERPs. Then information is not available when needed, even though in business, everything relates to everything. As an example, contracts management is tough to implement in practice, contract renewals and terminations are left at the mercy of somebody’s memory and calender.


With Aava, an information management system can be created for any company need. The following shows customer systems completed with Aava:


  • Messaging system

  • Asset Management system

  • Trailer and maintenance vehicle management system

  • Transport equipment route management optimization system

  • e-commerce system

  • e-invoicing and payroll management system

  • Recruitment portal


By integrating the system seamlessly as part of company’s ERP, all relevant information is usable in a single system. Aava has no boundaries – everything is possible.

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