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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System is the management of manufacturing resources to secure the right and adequate timing of products to be manufactured and to optimize the resources used in manufacturing.

Many companies still use multiple excels and paper trays as part of their manufacturing systems, because their enterprise systems are not flexible enough to address the needs of business activities. Detailed information from production is not available and corrective measures are often impossible to make afterwards as the error point cannot be identified.

Aava realizes true guidance of production. Work phases are planned and executed, every data point is captured to the system as it happens and this way definite knowledge of process steps is gathered and the information flow becomes seamless. Production becomes fully controlled, making it forecastable and driveable.

Aava Manufacturing Execution System includes the following areas:

  • Production orders

  • Work phases

  • Materials management

  • Product components

  • Workflows

  • Scheduling

  • Capacity management

  • Load management


Company-specific needs can be addressed in wanted detail-level. The system serves the activity, not process, and the processes and activities do not need to be changed to fit the system requirements.

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