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Mobile work management

The need for mobility and mobile work management at companies increases as work can be performed anyplace, anytime. The challenge of managing this is to allow real-time data flows back and forth from the field employees to the supervisor. Traditionally work tasks were planned and driven using phone and paper, loading the work planner and slowing the process. Guiding a field force manually is very difficult and ineffective.



Mobile work management can be build using Aava. Field employees carry mobile devices in which work tasks are shown: what is being done, where and by whom. Field employees can mark the completed tasks, time, used materials, travel time and route and possible additional information using a mobile device. The supervisor sees work completion and all related data in real-time. Same data is then used in payroll and invoicing, alleviating the need to input data in multiple locations.


Using Aava, the work planner / supervisor can guide and direct a larger field force. Information is stored in one system, containing all needed data and there is no need to find and merge them from multiple sources. Administration is improved and errors minimized as the data is entered only once.


Data for invoicing is ready and to be invoiced work is seen in the system, not based on employee memory anymore. Aava frees time from manual data entry to work planning and organizing.

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