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A large part of Finland's export and import cargo passes through Finnlines every year. In 2019, Finnlines carried 166,000 cars, 665,000 passengers and 738,000 cargo units. Such a number of transactions requires a modern system to function.


"Aava Software's VesselERP solution has enabled us to modernize old information systems with modern technologies and at the same time we have been able to meet growing regulatory requirements, for example in ship emissions reporting. With the project, we have succeeded in merging several information systems into one, which means that there are now fewer managed databases and integrations as well. "


Vesa Vähämaa, Head of Group IT, Software


At the start of the project, Finnlines sought replacement for end-of-life client / server applications, excel-based tracking statistics, obsolete handheld applications and many other obsolete solutions. Over the years, different solutions had been developed with several different technologies and had formed a rather colorful set of scattered solutions. Email, spreadsheet, and word processing applications played a big role, leading to a lot of manual work and management overhead. The whole thing was big and there was no assurance that software vendors would get everything in one easy-to-use package.


"Previously, communication about the operation of ship operations (loading-voyage-unloading) to the shipping company was of the offline type. Based on emails, excel-based data transfer. Now the ships update the information directly to the VesselERP information system, which is common to the entire Finnlines fleet. The costs of the voyage and the cargo on board as well as the passengers are now known at all times. It is very important for a regular shipping company to monitor the progress of ships on schedule and to address anomalies immediately. "


Vesa Vähämaa, Head of Group IT, Software


The project combined a significant number of previously used information systems with Aava's VesselERP solution. Real-time measurement of ships and transmission of information has improved and streamlined operations. Data is collected from ships and ports directly and accurately into the system and without unnecessary delays.


 “With the project, the stages and management of the shipping company's production process have become clearer when it is managed centrally in one information system. The ship's production process is also now providing a lot of new measurable information that can be used to measure operations in real time and increase efficiency. Communication from the ship to the shipping company has improved considerably and is automated. Deviations are detected more quickly and the response time is reduced. "

Vesa Vähämaa, Head of Group IT, Software

Finnlines moves to Aava VesselERP

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