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Pa-Hu Oy

From Kauppalehti's pages to production

Pa-Hu Oy's CEO Sara Raikamo and her team was faced with a difficult choice. For a long time they has searched for a new ERP solution. None of the available ERP solutions would suit their needs and all hands were pointing towards the least bad choice. Moments before the final decision Mrs Raikamo noticed an article in Kauppalehti journal of a new software company that had new ERP solution.

Old ERP solutions had met it's limits when production was to be involved in the operation. Company that lives from production of customer tailored innovative packaging it is particularly important to understand the capacity and quality alongside operational profitability.

"Now we know exactly what is happening in our production."


Sara Raikamo, CEO, Pa-Hu Oy


Packaging tailored to Pa-Hu's customers are always different. Pa-Hu made the same observation about ERP solutions, while selecting a suitable ERP solution for their use.

"Best practices was a term that we did not look for. Following the best practices we would have had to follow the ERP solutions processes and change our operation. The approach with Aava was far more flexible and enabled us to continuously develop our business when it needed it or we had learnt something new.

During the project a a model of continuous improvement was formed that continues even to day. Every time we spot a development opportunity and want to improve Aava is there with us developing changes to our ERP solution quickly and cost effectively."

Sara Raikamo, CEO, Pa-Hu Oy


The partnership with Aava has worked out well and return on investment was fast due to operational improvements.


Sara's tips for implementing an ERP system 

- Invest in project management for ERP system changes
- Think carefully what to move from the older ERP system to the new one
- At its best, a system vendor feels like a member of your team
- With a good ERP system, purchasing becomes more efficient

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