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Tailored Software

Aava's ERP is a completely new way to implement modern web-based operations and production management systems.

The solutions we implement always fully correspond to the way the customer operates and the aim is to make the proven operating model more efficient.
The system is easy to customize to meet the changing needs of the company
and extended to cover new areas.

Aava can solve all the needs of a company from an individual from the business area to full-scale operations production control systems.


With us, our customers have reached up to tens of percent efficiency improvements, improved business understanding and reduced business risks.


VesselERP is a system for managing information related to cargo ship traffic. It allows the shipping company to receive real-time business information on the operational activities of its fleet and be able to respond to any anomalies and optimise equipment efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint it creates.


VesselERP collects and reports ship emission information to EU MRV – according to the regulations. EU MRV is similar to the IMO DCS regulations. VesselERP supports both, if required. In addition, the system produces regulatory reports for the EU NSW upon arrival at port and can, if necessary, also handle all other mandatory regulatory reporting.

Aava Metal

By far the most flexible solution on the market for the needs of the manufacturing industry!

With Aava Metall, you control all the functions of your company, from pricing and quotation calculation, manufacturing and delivery, as well as accounting material to be exported to the accounting program.


Visual and proactive control of operations on company’s terms. The company's processes are modeled according to the actual need. The system can be expanded as the company's operations grow or processes are modified as changes occur.

With automate operations the need for manual operation is reduced. Efficiency increases, errors decrease, and understanding of the business improves.


Aava is an award-winning and thoroughly tested data management system for processing any type of structured information. System’s method of processing information is based on logical structures of data and underlying common principles of data processing. In practice, a developer creates a metadata model defining the information structure and based on that Aava automatically generates a production ready application. As this metadata model is being edited, it correspondingly rebuilds the application to accommodate the changed environment.

As an example, if the same principle could be applied to construction of a new building the blueprints of the building would be created and the system would build up the building, floor by floor. And if the blueprint is edited to add for example, a new floor, the building would reassemble automatically to fit the blueprint changes.



Aava is the most flexible ERP. It bends to any and all of the needs of your business.



Aava integrates all business information into a single system without putting you through the Excel hell and multiple integrations.


Easty to use

Aava’s principle is clear and simple. The same logic is applied throughout all data management. If you use Aava for one thing, you know how to use if for all things.


Aava Software Since 2008

We develop and deliver enterprise software for companies. Our solutions are based on Aava software platform, an award-winning data management system. Aava is located in Espoo, and Tampere, Finland.

Aava – Re-inventing ERP

We break common ERP myths about overrall costs and deadlines. Aava works differently. We learn our customer’s business and processes. Then we model those processes and provide a perfectly fitting system to the customer’s needs. We don’t play with estimates, but calculate a fixed total price which holds.



Pa-Hu Oy Toiminnanohjaus

Pa-Hu Oy

"Aavan lähestymistapa mahdollistaa toiminnan jatkuvan kehittämisen sitä mukaa, kun liiketoiminta muuttuu tai oma osaaminen ja ymmärrys lisääntyy."

Finnlines ro-ro passanger vessel


"Tiedonvälitys laivalta varustamolle on parantunut huomattavasti. Poikkeamat havaitaan nopeammin ja reagointiaika on lyhentynyt."

Suomen Talotekniikka

Suomen Talotekniikka

"Projektien jälkilaskennalla on saavutettu merkittävä kilpailuetu, kun seuranta auttaa tunnistamaan projektien kehityskohteet ja löytämään onnistumiset."




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+ 358 50 482 1836


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